You are early in your design career, with at least 3 years of experience, eager to tackle complex global social issues from malnutrition to climate change to economic growth, ensuring no community is left behind. You are excited to be a part of an interdisciplinary team that works in a highly collaborative and participatory environment with all manner of stakeholders – from community members in developing countries to philanthropic funders and policy makers to management consultants. You believe in the power of human-centered design (HCD) tools and methods to create innovative and results-oriented solutions to systemic problems in emerging market contexts. You excel in generating fresh insights, inspiring breakthrough ideas and solving problems using a combination of strategic and creative thinking, and you want to put your skills to work – transforming the organizations that fund and instigate change around the world and the communities that they serve. You are a committed self-starter with experience as a ‘top-performer’ within a leading design practice and have a passion for social change with an entrepreneurial spirit.. 

Qualifications || We’re looking for a designer with the following qualifications:

  • Prior design experience in a creative consulting environment: At least 3 years of experience applying human insights and systems thinking to create breakthrough solutions as a consultant or in-house designer for a leading design firm or organization. Proven ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced, client-centric professional services environment with an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Prior experience in social impact or development: A passion for social change typically evidenced by a strong interest and prior experience applying creative approaches to social issues such as economic development, global health, education or the environment.

  • Expert knowledge of HCD and design thinking methods and tools: Strong research, synthesis, ideation and visual storytelling skills. Strong ability to present information in a concise, insightful, structured and provocative manner, both in written and oral forms. Strong ability to communicate the power of design to stakeholders from varied backgrounds. Exceptional problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

  • Deep skill-set and proven track record in one or more of the following design disciplines:Product design, service design, digital design & prototyping and/or information visualization.

  • Experience living and working in different cultures: Time spent working in diverse cultures and communities strongly preferred. Sensitivity to the political and cultural environments of international public agencies or similar complex environmentswith proven ability to engage diverse communities in an equitable and participatory process.

  • Passion for travel: Willingness to travel – generally across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, but other locations are possible – for up to 30% of your time, in short bursts and longer multi-week periods.

  • Masters in Design or equivalent from a top university: with excellent academic record.

  • Demonstrated fluency with English speaking and writing skills; proficiency with other languages a plus.

Your Role || As a designer you will collaborate closely with integrated Dalberg teams to deliver compelling solutions to clients across multiple sectors in international development and social impact. Dalberg Designers work rapidly and effectively to integrate design methods, insights, frameworks and outputs into a compelling vision and strategy for our clients. Dalberg Designers bring mastery of design process as well as exceptional execution skills, with the ability to own and guide design related activities within a broader team environment.  Dalberg Designers are responsible for the quality of their own work as well as contributing effectively to the rest of the team. Dalberg Designers are expected to work independently, when needed, managing their own activities and deliverables. They are also expected to bring sufficient mastery to their work so that they can effectively communicate and evangelize for the value of the design process to team members, clients and other stakeholders. With a combination of creative skills and social acumen, Dalberg Designers are savvy communicators who leverage human insights to simplify complex problems, define breakthrough opportunities, and structure collaborations that promote constructive dialogues with diverse stakeholders in the public sector, private sector, civil society, and international communities. 

As a designer, you will build upon the existing relationships and track record of the Dalberg Design team to establish a meaningful, sustainable and profitable role for design within Dalberg’s operations. As part of this role you will be expected to contribute to a wide range of projects – some that fit your skillset and some that will stretch you. You will have the opportunity to grow within the design team and build your capabilities as a design leader under the mentorship of Ravi Chhatpar and Robert Fabricant (Dalberg Design partners and co-founders). You will also be expected to actively engage with the broader Dalberg Design community (across NY, London, Nairobi and Mumbai) and contribute to the overall Dalberg Design toolset and knowledge base. 

Responsibilities || You will be responsible for...

  • Demonstrating the value of HCD-oriented approaches through exceptional problem-solving skills

  • Contributing to developing and executing compelling, actionable and highly relevant creative strategies for each client engagement that fit within the overall strategic vision

  • Taking accountability for the quality of creative deliverables in your area(s) of expertise, including production of thorough and detailed documentation

  • Contributing to building strong and sustainable client relationships

  • Collaborating effectively with Dalberg consulting team members at all stages of projects; maintaining responsibility for your own time and deliverables

  • Contributing to thought leadership initiatives and activities related to their area(s) of expertise

  • Maintaining the quality of your design toolset in keeping with advances at the forefront of commercial design practice

  • Contributing to the evolution of the core Dalberg consulting culture and toolkit through advocacy of design methods